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Sail GI - Summer Rum Races
Ford Yacht Club
6/12/2022 to 8/28/2022

Document: Notice Of Race - Sail GI Summer Rum Races 2022

Pursuit style racing for the less serious racer, formally known as the Dacron Races

SAIL GI presents the Summer Rum Races
(formally known as Sunday dacron races)
“Dacron Class” and “Fancy Pants Class” will be offered
When? The following Sundays: 6/12, 6/19, 6/26, 7/3, 7/17, 7/24, 7/31, 8/7, 8/21, 8/28.
Why? For those new to this business, a little history:
Since the beginning of time, when ever two sailing vessels were in sight of each other, it was a race. There were several motives for this. The biggest one was when the chase boat (the "behinder" boat) caught up to the "aheader" one, it got to shoot cannon balls at them. Great fun. Since carrying cannon balls around a pitching deck was extra work for the crew, The British Royal Navy found that RUM was a great motivator. This is still very much the case today.
To keep with tradition, RUM will be involved in the Dacron and Fancy Pants races. Cannons and cannon balls are allowed as ballast only. You must finish with the same number of cannon and cannon balls you started the race with.
Who? Any vessel propelled by wind power... don’t worry, we will get you a rating!

This is Jib and Main racing only. The Dacron Class was formed a few years ago with the intent of letting people with conventional sails race amongst themselves. They had so much fun that the folks with FANCY sails, made from unpronounceable materials wanted to join in, and now there is the Fancy Pants Class for those boats.
The initial ratings are based on Lake Erie PHRF handicaps for Jib and Main racing. You do not need a PHRF certificate- in fact, it will do you no good- more on that later!
People who do not come out to race generally cite the following reasons: aggressive, crowded starts; their boats are older; their boats are set up for cruising; lack of full racing crew; uncertainty about racing rules; blood and guts competition;
The intent of Rum Races is to get more boats out on the water for friendly competition.
Rum Racing is not blood and guts racing and removes most of the obstacles listed above.
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