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2016 - 2 OLD 2-B-2 COLD Regatta Series
Ford Yacht Club

End of the year racing that is full of complaints

Take this email as your NOR and SI for the "Too old to be too cold regatta"... This race is meant to be sarcastic, informal, and a fun. It will formally cost nothing and the winner gets bragging rights and beer to share with the entire fleet. I m too tired to write real SIs and order real awards.
This is the last race and series of the season.
It ll happen on the next few Sundays when the weather is nice enough that not everyone is complaining how cold it is out there. (October 23rd, 30th, and maybe the 5th of November if the weather holds or we have turned completely insane.) Yes the regatta was supposed to start tomorrow, but the forecast is rain from 9am until sunset and I m already complaining.
Time of the race on Sundays will be a skipper s meeting at noon. We will sail from 1-3ish. Eat lunch before showing up for the skippers meeting, I don t want to hear complaints that you are all hungry out there. Don t worry we will be done before early bird specials begin.
Scoring method will be high point system with a bonus point system. At some point this will go up on
-First place = points that total the number of boats that start that race
-Second place = points that total number of boats that start that race -1
-etc for each additional place.
-For every crew on your boat that is over 62 (retirement age) you get a bonus point for that race
-If you are sailing in the oldest boat for a race, you get a bonus point for that race
-If you don t put up a spinnaker, you get a bonus point for that race
-If you yell it is too cold, get a job, get off my lawn, or something about social security during the starting sequence, you lose a bonus point. This applies to the Race Committee boat as well.
Courses are TBD near FYC
Protest must be complained about to someone who cares 1 hour before the bar closes or Matlock begins. All protests will be cured by loud conversation, beer and finger pointing.
Any questions, direct them to someone trying to be elected for Board or Commodore. (Clearly, not me.)
Yes this is a real race and these are the real SIs and NOR.
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