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Series Results
2018 NCYC Green Island Race copy
Scoring Method: Low Points: First receives 1 point (A4)
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Division: JAMThrowouts: 0
Sail #NameSkipperClubRace 1Total Points
2JagenTim BransonTIYC1 1.001
USA 36722WhitestarRodger DuttonMBC / NCYC2 2.002
77777VivantAlan PawlowskiVBC3 3.003
63267turtle stampedesteven theissn/a4 4.004
42854Slip AwayJeremy & Katie DowningHVYC5 5.005
25276B4Betsy & Bob BradleyNCYC8 DNF8.006
Division Tie Cannot be broken
379BEST SISTERGary WandtkeCCYC8 DNF8.006
Division Tie Cannot be broken
Division: PHRFThrowouts: 0
Sail #NameSkipperClubRace 1Total Points
52901BlitzkreigMatt SchaedlerNCYC1 1.001
115BAD FISHWilliam R. BollinNCYC2 2.002
33993JEB IIIP & T McRitchie 3 3.003
USA 25622ViperRoger Pollack 4 4.004
3242WIZARDJeff Mackayncyc5 5.005
15066ConsigliereBrad D Arcangelo 6 6.006
13662ORANGE CRATEJim DavisNorth Cape Yacht Club7 7.007
31945Myasasaur Jayson MillerPort Clinton Yacht Club8 8.008
65376DISCOVER Matt KernNCYC, JRSC9 9.009
31039INFRARED Bryan HuntleySSC10 10.0010
78Jump StartBill KellnerSandusky Sailing Club11 11.0011
15059RED CLOUDJohn GreinerNorth Cape Yacht Club12 12.0012
17801SCOOPJohn SchaffnerPCYC13 13.0013
USA 82Red Dog Cliff RuckstuhlPort Clinton Yacht Club14 14.0014
1972420/C420 1972molly disbrowVVC15 15.0015
32829BlitzJohn Amyot 16 16.0016
310WING JAMMINWilliam PribeNorth Cape Yacht Club17 17.0017
1677Orange WhipRamon EickertPCYC19 19.0018
2294MenaceDrew BlackburnPCYC20 20.0019
14429BoojumMacKenzie "Mic" KaufmanSJRT21 21.0020

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