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Series Results
Buckeye Lake Yacht Club
Commodore Edward C. Metzgar Long Distance Race 2014
Scoring Method: Low Points: First receives 1 point (A4)
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Division: PHRF/JAM/DPNThrowouts: 0
Sail #NameSkipperClubRace 1Total Points
1010Highlander 1010Wes CartwrightBuckeye Lake Yacht Club1 1.001
211ALBERG 22-211Bill Reynolds 2 2.002
50Salad GirlRobert SnowBuckeye Lake Yacht Club3 3.003
8492Big Girlchuck bendigbuckeye lake yacht club4 4.004
174Tan-Tar-ADon HarrisBuckeye Lake Yacht Club5 5.005
5027FramboiseJohn VangilderBuckeye Lake Yacht Club6 6.006

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